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21 Feb 2009
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I think I broke through my plateau this week! I lost the 1.5 lbs I wanted to! I’m so stoked. Was it changing up my routine? Was it the extra Green Tea? Was it the flaxseed? A combo of all of the above? Who knows…I’m just stoked that I finally broke free. I think it was the Zumba. :)

Last night I took my little pug, Ruby, to the soccer fields while my youngest son had soccer referee practice, I took a 3 mile jaunt. There is a half-mile track around one of the fields, so Ruby and 1 alternated walking and running laps. It felt great. I also made great time. I was surprised that I did the 3 miles in about 38 minutes. This gives me hope that I might do okay at the 5K. I really, really want to run the entire race.

I had planned to go to the soccer fields and run again today, but it is cold and rainy. Like really rainy. And no way am I going to run in this mess. I just got over the bird flu a cold.

So maybe I’ll go to the gym this afternoon. Maybe I’ll just hang around the house. We’ll see.

21 Feb 2009
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I was whining talking to HZ on the phone today as I walking towards my beach path in preparation for my workout.

As I got to the top of the stairs of the retaining wall I saw:

Yes, that’s a race (or the tail end of it).

My first thought?

There is a race here and I missed it? Yes, I actually sounded SAD about this. How weird is that? I have lived near here for several years and usually races mean too much street traffic and lots of noise.

Then I reached the bottom of the steps and was passed by the last of the straggling walkers. All were wearing bibs BUT

None of them were wearing timing chips. So that means whatever it was it was a fun run and not timed.

Is it still healthy? Yes.

Did I still clap and cheer for the stragglers? Totally

But I realized no timing chip meant there were no medals. *insert look of horror*

Screw that! Run for FUN? Not bloody likely!

At least I’m honest about my golddigging tendencies, right?

Side note: I have no idea what race it was.

Side note 2: My medal still has not arrived from China. I’m hoping when it gets here it isn’t covered in lead or toxic causing me to look like this radioactive mutant fish from one of my favorte TV shows EVER.

If it turns out to be toxic I’m keeping it, I’m just not sleeping with it around my neck until the Disney half marathon as previously planned.