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2 Jul 2009
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I know, you think this blog is about how I’ve been running. Particularly in light of the fact that this blog is called FatChicksRUNNING. But you would be wrong.

RUNNING in this case pertains to men. I had my first decent date in ages about 3 weeks ago. The date was on a friday night. On Saturday morning Mr. NotBadAtAll got on a plane for an unexpected business emergency (yes, it’s legit) and hasn’t been back to my timezone or been on my side of the Mississippi ever since.

The good news is that I’ve lost almost ten pounds since then becuase it turns out that meeting an intelligent, potentially attainable guy (unlike that bum George Clooney) is the best diet motivator ever.

Who knew, right?

I also have slightly more then 9 weeks until the Disneyland Half Marathon. I’m at the gym nightly although I’ve been cheating and riding the bike. I need to start working out in the morning so I can jog before my work day starts. Of course I’ve been whining about that for six months and it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe if Mr. NotBadAtAll would return to the Golden State that would be impetus for me to drag my butt out of bed at 6am. (probably not. LOL).

In other excellent news, my crackberry turns out to also double as a lovely MP3 player. I actually had no idea that function existed so it was a bitter/sweet discovery. “Oh AWESOME!” tempered by “Duh, maybe if you’d read the manual.” It’s a fun balance. LOL.

On the whole though I’m mostly cheerful and happily moving along.

How are you all doing?