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31 Dec 2008
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First of all, I’m -10 lbs this morning. Yes, that’s right. I’m down 10 lbs. During the holidays. Go ahead, bask in my glory.

That means I get to order a new CD. What’s it gonna be?

I went to the gym this morning and conquered another 45 minutes on the elliptical, then weights and abs. It was a great workout. For the first time, I felt energized when it was over. I have a new attitude and it’s showing.

2009 is gonna be a great year. Goodbye 2008 and all your yuckiness. 2009 is the Year of the Mel. Get ready to kick some ass and have some fun.

I have two gym boyfriends now. Today when I was leaving, one gym boyfriend stopped me for a chat, then the other ran to open the door for me. I smiled and said thanks. He said, “You worked hard today. HARD!”

He should know, he was on the elliptical behind me watching my big booty sweat for 45 minutes. I guess he worked hard, too.

Happy New Year everyone!

30 Dec 2008
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Seriously, I had to tighten my belt by another notch today and I had to share.

Back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

30 Dec 2008
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Yesterday’s workout totally wore my ass out. I’m hitting the gym today, but not until this afternoon.

The question is, can I do another 45 minutes? With my new Playlist, maybe.

It’s an hour and a half mix of awesome!

ABBA: Mamma Mia
Avenged Sevenfold: Burn it Down
Buckcherry: So Far, Next to You, Carosel, Crazy Bitch
Disturbed: Land of Confusion
Elvis: A Little Less Conversation
Flo Rida: Low
Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists
Hinder: Get Stoned, Homecoming Queen
Jet: Cold Hard Bitch
Kid Rock: American Bad Ass
Pink: So What!
Paolo Nutini: New Shoes
Soulja Boy: Crank Dat (this one may have to go. It just doesn’t work for me like Low does)
Staind: Devil, Please, Everything Changes
Theory of a Deadman: By the Way and Bad Girlfriend

I didn’t put any country on there this time because most of what I have is a little slow paced. Gonna search though and add to it…

29 Dec 2008
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I did 45 mins on the elliptical today–half of that time a pretty steep incline. I thought I was sweating the other day? No. Today I thought I would wash away. No lady should have have sweat dripping down her butt crack. Just sayin.

And what is with these sweaty palms of mine? Seriously, I can’t even hold on to the machine for fear of slipping off!

I burned 510 calories on the elliptical today. Totally worth the sweat-fest.

Abs and weights were next. Weights were hard today. Didn’t have much energy left after running. Must eat before I go to the gym from now on.

I ordered my first reward CD yesterday. I could’ve just ordered it from iTunes, but decided the real reward would be seeing the CDs stack up as I lose more and more weight. Also, I’m only 1 more pound from my next CD. Yippee!

I’m totally proud of CK to committing to the half-marathon. She’s my inspiration! i’m going to sign up in Jan for the LR Marathon…the 10K. I’m still not ready to attempt the half, but I will do one by the end of the year.

Everyone doing okay?

28 Dec 2008
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Well, it’s T-minus 33 days or so until the Surf City half marathon. (Oh my GOD!)

I went to the gym yesterday and had to quit the treadmill after 15 mins because my knee started throbbing. It was really weird actually. I did pop a couple Advil and ice it when I got home. We’ll have to play that one by ear.

Oh and my latest musical fixation is (Fair warning: I love cheesy music so if you prefer hardcore metal that’s not going to be your song).  

I listen to it at the gym while I do situps. It’s the prefect situp speed and allows me to breathe.

How are you all doing? Anyone?

27 Dec 2008
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Well, I went to the gym the day after Christmas. I went to the gym and five minutes into my workout my ipod died and I didn’t quit and go home. That’s commitment people. Right? Or is it…

The truth is on this little date:

I had a horrific realization. I’ve been slacking and I’m supposed to walk:


That’s right. I’m about a month away from the Surf City half marathon and I have been SLACKING. So I started back at the gym last night with an hour on the elliptical and the treadmill. I’m going to do it again today. I’m going skiing on Sunday (My xmas gift from my parents). And monday I’m starting the walking craziness again. The good news is I’m going to be totally loading up on all my vitamins in the meantime.

Gym stats:

30 mins elliptical

30 mins treadmill

Was able to walk to the car without passing out despite bizarre calf cramp. Made note to self to eat more potassium.

Am I going to do this half marathon? Absolutely. You know how I know I’m committed? I just surrendered my credit card.

Yes you read that right. Not only did I just pay EIGHTY DOLLARS to register for this. They charged me 6.20 in fees. Apparently Ticketmaster isn’t the only racket in town. Good grief.

(And yes, I did press the button for final registration I just took a picture of the crazy fees for posterity.

27 Dec 2008
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at 7:00 this morning, it was 71 degrees. Thunderstorms are brewing, but I checked the radar to make sure I wouldn’t get caught in a thunderboomer.

So today I ran outside for the first time in a month. Wow, did it suck. LOL First of all, I had some, um, Mother Nature issues to contend with, so I only ran for about 15 minutes. It was a hard 15 minutes. Faux-jogging at its finest. But I managed to trek on for a 45 minute walk. It felt great being outside. The warm wind and humid air were comforting.

Faux-jogging outside kinda depressed me. I’ve been doing so well in the gym. I enjoyed my denial…that I was actually improving. Hah! All I could think while I was struggling “What kind of fresh hell is this?” Now the 10K goal seems like a distant dream. I don’t know if 3 months is enough time to get my ass ready. But we’ll see. I’ll just keep on plugging away. Maybe I need to start doing two-a-days. Mornings in the gym, afternoons outside…

26 Dec 2008
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Was HARD. I didn’t eat much yesterday. Did drink a bunch little bit. I woke up this morning feeling great but I had to talk myself into going to they gym.

I went. I didn’t love it. It was hard. 3 miles in 35.24. The last mile was hard. Very hard. I did 2 miles in 23.15 which is about 11 and a half minutes per mile. So the last mile was 12.09. Which I’m proud of because when I hit the 2 mile mark I almost quit today. I didn’t want to keep going. It was just not fun. I was tired. Grumpy. Sweaty. (Holy shit I was sweaty! Even my palms were sweating! I didn’t know palms sweated!!!) I skipped abs today. I couldn’t face the damn torture devices. I’ll do crunches tonight before bed or something. I did do the weight circuit despite the fact that I really didn’t want to be there.

I wore shorts today because it was already in the 60s. I hated looking at my thighs. Even though they are thick with muscle, the key word there is THICK. I hope they trim down soon because I seriously look like I have drumsticks for legs.

Now my calves? They are rockin’, TYVM.

26 Dec 2008
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Call me crazy I just use my wallet to hold gift cards but then I’ve already admitted I’m cheap. Then, when the card balance changes after I buy something I write on the giftcard with a Sharpie. Yup, I’m a sharpie girl. But for those of you who are a bit more obsessive compulsive then me, this is a place to store your post holiday fun. A gift card wallet with a little card to update card balances, etc. Genius. 

Other shit I wish I’d thought of first?

1) Those icicle lights everyone and their mom uses nowadays. I grew up in Southern California. I would have KILLED for these when I was a kid.

2) Holiday cheese logs- Genius! This is the only kind of cheese made in America that I won’t eat. (There are about 500 French cheeses I won’t eat, particularly the smelly ones). Now if only they could figure out how to make all my favorite cheeses totally unappetizing-looking. I’d lose tons of weight in a matter of weeks and we’d be able to rename this blog.

How about you? Which inventions would you love to claim? (and no, they don’t have to be holiday themed)

25 Dec 2008
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Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful holiday!