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8 Dec 2008
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Where the heck did the first week of December go?

I had four days of seminars last week that ended yesterday. They were 8am to 9pm not including the hour long commute each way. I thought I was being thrifty and saving on hotel fees. I came home last night with a sore throat and this morning I wanted to just crawl back into bed and hide.

I hadn’t been on a computer once for about 3 minutes in the last five days. FIVE days offline! I’ve been living on my blackberry whose screen is 2″ by 2″ Why did I log in at all you ask? I got an email from She Who Wiis asking me why I’d abandoned our Facebook Scrabble game. My competitive nature got the best of me so after 12 hours of running around I came up with the best word ever. Leakers. (No, I hadn’t realized that was a word either).

I’m tired. I’m tired and my throat feels like it has been scoured with a brillo pad. I am now drinking obscene amounts of tea, doing shots of Emergen-C and praying this is as bad as it gets. the pounding headache isn’t a very good sign though.

I would like to take this moment to thank Cinde our awesome guest blogger from Saturday. I haven’t been able to work out in five days and her 5K story was truly inspirational. You ROCK Cinde! WOOT! (Everyone go comment on her blog, that kind of victory deserves encouragement!)

I’d also like to thank Jodie for being a fantastic guest blogger. She always manages to blog about stuff I have questions about but have been too lazy to ask. I’m certain she’s saved me major pain later down the road when my “running” is more significant then the sad little shuffle it is now. Thanks Jodie!

As for the rest. We’re still here. I’m still here. EXHAUSTED but here. And if I didn’t feel like my head was going to explode I’d try snorting some Zicam and I’d tough it out. But I long ago realized that one of the reasons drugs never looked good to me was: 1) I am not a fan of needles and could never figure out why people inject themselves outside of doctor’s offices unnecessarily. 2) I am quite fond of my nose. As a chronic allergy sufferer a clean breath of air is so awesome why would I taint that with other crap? 3) Smoking. I never understood the allure of lighting something on fire and sticking it in my mouth. And then there is that other breathing thing. But I digress…

So suffice it to say I’m going to pound the vitamins, hydrate like crazy and dress like an eskimo. Maybe this thing with play itself out fast.  Hope springs eternal…

How are the rest of you doing?  Anyone else feel like their calender just hit warp speed?