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27 Dec 2008
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Well, I went to the gym the day after Christmas. I went to the gym and five minutes into my workout my ipod died and I didn’t quit and go home. That’s commitment people. Right? Or is it…

The truth is on this little date:

I had a horrific realization. I’ve been slacking and I’m supposed to walk:


That’s right. I’m about a month away from the Surf City half marathon and I have been SLACKING. So I started back at the gym last night with an hour on the elliptical and the treadmill. I’m going to do it again today. I’m going skiing on Sunday (My xmas gift from my parents). And monday I’m starting the walking craziness again. The good news is I’m going to be totally loading up on all my vitamins in the meantime.

Gym stats:

30 mins elliptical

30 mins treadmill

Was able to walk to the car without passing out despite bizarre calf cramp. Made note to self to eat more potassium.

Am I going to do this half marathon? Absolutely. You know how I know I’m committed? I just surrendered my credit card.

Yes you read that right. Not only did I just pay EIGHTY DOLLARS to register for this. They charged me 6.20 in fees. Apparently Ticketmaster isn’t the only racket in town. Good grief.

(And yes, I did press the button for final registration I just took a picture of the crazy fees for posterity.

27 Dec 2008
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at 7:00 this morning, it was 71 degrees. Thunderstorms are brewing, but I checked the radar to make sure I wouldn’t get caught in a thunderboomer.

So today I ran outside for the first time in a month. Wow, did it suck. LOL First of all, I had some, um, Mother Nature issues to contend with, so I only ran for about 15 minutes. It was a hard 15 minutes. Faux-jogging at its finest. But I managed to trek on for a 45 minute walk. It felt great being outside. The warm wind and humid air were comforting.

Faux-jogging outside kinda depressed me. I’ve been doing so well in the gym. I enjoyed my denial…that I was actually improving. Hah! All I could think while I was struggling “What kind of fresh hell is this?” Now the 10K goal seems like a distant dream. I don’t know if 3 months is enough time to get my ass ready. But we’ll see. I’ll just keep on plugging away. Maybe I need to start doing two-a-days. Mornings in the gym, afternoons outside…