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30 Mar 2009
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For the first time in four days. And I spent those four days eating takeout garbage because it was either that or pay $25 for a salad at the conference hotel.

It’s gonna be ugly.

27 Mar 2009
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Well, I’ve learned a couple things about myself. I may think Anderson Cooper is hot but I just can’t handle watching him at the gym for an hour. Yesterday was pretty much my version of gym hell. I got to the gym around 8pm (my standard), only to discover the gym tvs were set as follows:

  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • CNN
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Fox News

(are you noticing a trend here?)

Now look, I’m as much into news as the next girl. Basically? I’m NOT INTERESTED. That’s right, and I’m not embarassed to say it. I get news all day long. I read it on yahoo and on msn and inevitably if something crazy happens I hear about it from my mom and about 800 friends online. I don’t need tv news. And I sure as heck don’t want to watch it while sweating like a pig on the machines! What is WRONG with people?

And don’t even get me started on Wheel of Fortune…

So today I ditched the gym and went for a long walk instead. That might have been motivated by the fact that my sister borrowed my car and I was literally unable to make it to the gym, but I’m still claiming it was for protest.

25 Mar 2009
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So basically this entire blog is about accountability, it keeps me honest. There is also the added benefit, of course, of whining to the universe and knowing there are people out there who feel my pain.

That being said I have learned that the best fitness asset isn’t grim determination, it’s total distraction. Something beyond ipod music and random people watching. Yes, it was a surprise to me too. What is it?

Ice Hockey.

Okay, not just ice hockey. This also applies to football, basketball and baseball in a pinch. Basically any game where I can get absorbed enough to forget that I am supposed to be on the bike for a cool down. How do I know this? I got sucked into watching a Ducks ice hockey game that went into a sudden death shootout.

Their result? They won 2-1

My result?

Yeah, that’s not a 10 minute warm down, it’s a 60 minute leisurely stroll through hockey land.

Can I just tell you how annoyed I am to discover this a month before the regular ice hockey season ends?

How about you, what’s your favorite workout distraction?

24 Mar 2009
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Some women like to go window shopping for hours on weekends. Personally, I’d rather people watch. And let me tell you, the gym? It is a goldmine of strange personalities and odd behavior.

Case in point?
Garden Gloves Guy

First of all, that’s a circuit training machine, for abs, it’s not like he’s lifting heavy weights. Second of all, gardening gloves? I don’t get it.

And seriously, it was one of those moments where I REALLY wanted to ask him, Dude, what’s with the gloves? But a big part of me was afraid he’d tell me.

Do you have any strange gym experiences?
Or (even better) do you have an explanation for the gloves?

21 Mar 2009
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Okay forget the Champion Chip because this thing is AWESOME.

Garmin Forerunner 405
Garmin Forerunner 405

The best part is if I didn’t need the Champion Chip then I DEFINITELY don’t need this one. But it’s so handy.

Introducing the Garmin 405, my solution to the fact that every pedometer I’ve ever touched has promptly stopped working.
This thing is tough. And it has features!

I am such a sucker for features

Loaded with serious training features, Forerunner 405 continuously monitors your time, distance, pace, calories and heart rate (when paired with heart rate monitor). Each run is stored in memory so you can review and analyze the data to see how you’ve improved. You can even download recorded courses to compete against previous workouts or race a Virtual Partner®. Customize Forerunner’s data screens for instant feedback while you train.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m not taking this running insanity past the half marathon? I want to one day do ONE marathon (yes, for the bling) but my mission in life is to use the half marathon training as a weight loss tool. So this watch thing is pretty much 100% unnecessary. *sigh*

20 Mar 2009
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18 Mar 2009
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Okay, the two a day thing is all kinds of fun. Under normal circumstances I can procrastinate going to the gym until 9pm or later (thank you to some 24 Fitness locations for actually being open 24 hours). However, as a devout 2-a-day workout girl my life revolves around workouts. In the morning I wake up and know I have to go workout. In the evening I know it’s not bedtime until I’ve been to the gym.

People who read this blog keep asking me if the two a day is hard. Well, sort of. On one hand it’s a pain in the butt to be responsible twice a day. On the other hand workouts are interesting book ends to your day.

In other news, I decided to plant a garden. Gardening is on there with my list of girl things I should learn how to do:

1) Garden
2) Knit
3) Apply eyeliner.

So far I’ve failed at all three at one point in time or another so I figured I’d start at the top of the list and keep pushing down until I conquer everything. I’m sorry to say that plan was derailed when I walked into the local Home Depot and discovered all that was left was albino veggies.

White Eggplant? Check.

Me?…pass. I’m going to have plenty of challenges growing normal plants, I don’t have the guts to risk froo froo plants.

Maybe after the eyeliner…

15 Mar 2009
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Does Hell YEAH? mean anything to y’all? Cuz it sure does to me.

I set 3 goals for today’s 5K.

  1. “Run” then entire way. (Yes, I use a very loose interpretation of the word run…)
  2. Come in at 40 minutes.
  3. When I found out there were 800 participants, I wanted to be in the top half and not the bottom half.

I hit 2/3 and I’m very happy!

p1030866I ran the entire race. My break-neck speed, let me show you it:


2nd goal was to end the race in 40 minutes. My official time was 41.59. I’m sad I didn’t make my goal, but still very happy. That’s a 13.33/mile which is not too bad if you’ll remember I couldn’t really run 60 seconds back in the fall. There’s room for improvement and I’m good with that.

Goal #3 was to finish in the top half of the group instead of bottom half. My overall place was 393! Suck on that bitches! My husband thought I would be in the bottom third. Guess I showed him.

I had a good time, met some fun people, and spent the entire run trying to find a person in the crowd in front of me to beat. I managed to do that with every person but 1. Apparently, I was the “No way am I gonna let that chick beat me” chick for her. Every time I would pass her, she’d kick it up a notch. Bitch.

My favorite thing to see today? The lady who ran with sponge-rollers in her hair. Seriously, that was awesome. Guess she wanted to have good hair for the final picture.

Anyway, I finished. I ran. And I’m proud.

I’m also damn tired.

Here’s my medalmedalI can’t believe how excited I was when the chick draped it around my neck!!

14 Mar 2009
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Did you know today is Pi Day? For those of you who have blocked all instances of math knowledge from your memories Pi= 3.14 (yada yada yada). And coincidentally today is March 14th.

It also happens to be HZ’s glorious bday. So happy awesome bday to my partner in crime. I was originally going to give you:

song chart memes
see more Funny Graphs

But I’m thinking I might just stick with the tried and true.


The cake image was taken from

13 Mar 2009
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I survived my first two a day only because I didn’t make it to the second part of the two a day. Yes, yesterday was a one shot workout. Of course if someone had told me when I started this blog that I’d feel GUILTY for only working out once in a given day…

Today however, I did actually wake up in time to workout before I had to get to work and didn’t overdo too much so tonight I’m going for round two. I thinking I’ll be doing a LOT of cardio.

In the meantime if you’ve missed HZ’s month of Mel blogs on her MelFrancis site I suggest you go back and peruse. They crack me up.

Just click the image on the left menu bar under “stalk us elsewhere.” She likes it, I promise.