Hi, I’m Dana, and carbs are my kryptonite.

As HZ says in her initial post, this all started with a phone call in Fall 2008. Apparently fear of public humiliation is a great motivator because not only did I finish that half marathon, I’ve finished 35 others since.

I am still on quest to find my happy weight. This challenge has setbacks in the form of crazy work schedules, injuries, laziness, and the occasional attempts at death by chocolate.

I know my race addiction seems insane given that I’m still significantly overweight but trust me when I say there is no greater sense of accomplishment then crossing a finish line. It doesn’t matter if you’re the last person across (been there, done that) because you DID it and many many MANY people never do. I never thought I’d finish my first half marathon and now I’m consistently working toward faster times and bigger distances. If I can do it (the I-hate-running girl) anyone can!

I’m not the most diligent blogger but I’m always happy to answer questions.

Welcome to the blog!

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