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19 Jan 2010
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It seems like nowadays everyone and their mom is on the internet. With the possible exception of my mom who is on the internet but only visits three sites regularly (not including this one) and still uses AOL email. Every time I nag her about moving to gmail like the cool kids she reminds me that she has had the same email address for over 10 years and as a result has never lost track of a friend due to a changed address. 

I may be a changeling.

Regardless, one of the perks of the fabulous blogiverse is the public humiliation factor. I’ll be moving to NC for 8 weeks at a minimum and possibly through the end of May. This is both unexpected and worrisome. My joke after moving home to SoCal from Virginia was “hey it turns out I’m allergic to most of the East Coast!” Except I really…am. Now I’ll be leaving on a jet plane and kissing my occasional ability to breathe through my nose goodbye.

I don’t know who manufactures Zyrtec,  Sudafed Sinus or Puffs Plus but if you’re an investor you’ll probably be making a fortune off me. I’d invest myself but I’m broke. That should probably tell you something about how reliable my stock tips are. LOL.

Where was I?

Oh! Public humiliation!

Yes, I love public humiliation! I love it because under normal circumstances I would think:

1) I’m moving from warm to cold

2) I’m moving from dry to a place with rain and snow

3) My 24 hour fitness membership which is good in over a dozen states does NOT work in NC which means I’ll have to pay a second membership fee to join another gym.

4) I’m allergic to most of the trees, grasses and plants of the North Carolina area. I’ll be lucky if I can breathe at all much less run.


Yes, the BIG but. (No, not the Big Butt, that’s a separate blog)

But I said I am doing a marathon. So far my longest run has been 10 miles. my longest walk has been 13.1 and I’ve got another half marathon this weekend. I’ve got a LOT of training to do between now and March over all but I’m going to do it. Because while I don’t mind looking like a fool in front of friends and family I don’t really want to look like an idiot on the internet.

Is that the most ridiculous nonsensical thing you’ve ever heard? Probably.

Yet it’s true.

And the other perk of the Blogiverse?

Thanks to this blog I am now down TWO count them TWO pants sizes.

I still look like I heifer when I’m running in tights but whatever.

It’s all about the baby steps.

So thanks. {{{HUG}}}

17 Jan 2010
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Please note we started this blog in 2008. October of 2008 to be exact. It started out as two friends whining about being fat and lazy. And races. And being Lazy. And medals. And diets. And medals.

Are you noticing any repeats here?

The operative word has become medals. At least in my view.

So you can imagine my shock, excitement and dawning horror when I discovered this little gem.

Photo taken from a really awesome site called 26.2 marathon medals

Meet the 2009 LITTLE ROCK Marathon Medal. You’ve all heard of Little Rock right? It’s famous for a couple things. Wallyworld. A sax playing former president. And HZ!

Looks kind of cool huh?

Kind of? 

The 2009 Little Rock Marathon finisher’s medal is black zinc alloy and is 7 1/4 inches long and 6 1/4 inches wide. The medal features the 2009 circus theme and weighs in at a pound and a half. The medal features the race’s signature globe, race director’s kiss and the “race for every pace” motto. 

Dude. I want that frickin’ medal.

And how is it we’ve been at this for almost a year and a half and I never knew the biggest racing bling in America is in HZ’s hometown???

If I live through LA 2010 I’m heading for Little Rock in 2011.  HZ I hope your couch is really comfy. I won’t even mind Ruby farts.

14 Jan 2010
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I’m also at a loss for words.


At a total loss.


Let me recap my week.


  1. Race shortened from 13.1 miles to 3.1 miles. 
  2. Receive a delightful blog comment from APRIL
  3. Tell my friend Allison all about APRIL’s comment on the phone (whining about lack of race bling was involved) and
  4. Decide to blog and talk at the same time…

And of course. Disaster.

I apologize to April who is working on rocking her first 1/2 marathon and a huge thanks to Deb who pointed out that I’m an idiot in a very smooth manner. I’m so sorry.

Oh, but I promised a recap of my week right?

Monday: Talk about job in NC

Tuesday: Talk about job in NC

Wednesday: Get job in NC. Figure out this totally kills my racing schedule and scramble to find races in Charlotte.  

I’m really hoping that was some kind of error and I just haven’t found the right website yet.

Does anyone know where I can find a list of half marathons in Charlotte because I’d sure love one!

And if anyone has tips on how to run in the freezing cold when you’re used to shorts and a tshirt in Southern California that would be greatly appreciated too.

I used to live in VA but my blood was a tad thicker back then. Leaving sunny Cali-for-ni-a in the thick of winter is some kind of crazy!

Oh, and I should add a **WOOO HOOOO!** for HZ who is absolutely kicking diet butt! You look fabulous and I am so incredibly happy for you! (On a side note if that picture was taken in Dallas, I swear to God I don’t remember you being that big).

CarbKiller is moving to Charlotte. How I’m going to live in Charlotte and stay out of Cracker Barrell and Dunkin’ Donuts I’m not entirely sure. Hopefully the enticing race bling of the LA Marathon is motivation enough. At least I can still drink their coffee!

13 Jan 2010
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Fat isn’t just a state of body, it’s also a state of mind. And it’s a scary state of mind because once you start thinking of yourself as fat, it’s VERY hard to stop thinking of yourself that way.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t think I was fat. Even when I was a fit 135 lb athlete in high school. I was curvy. I had hips. My coach didn’t approve…so I was fat.

And I’ve been ‘fat’ ever since.

The human mind is a funny thing. 5 years ago, when I was actually at my highest weight ever–a weight that actually (according to the charts for my height) considered MORBIDLY OBESE, I didn’t SEE myself as a fatgirl. Sure, I knew I was squeezing my thighs into the sausage casings I called pants..I knew I was refusing to buy size 20 (or probably 22) clothing. But for whatever reason, when I looked in the mirror, I didn’t see FAT.

But when I looked at pictures, I couldn’t avoid it anymore.

Big Sexy

This is the fat me. The me that for whatever reason I couldn’t see when I was actually that size, but now that I’m seriously almost 60lbs lighter, this is the me I see in my head now.

It’s fucked up. And not right. And I’m trying to fix that self image with this post.

I still have those same clothes so I had someone take pics of me in them so I can see for myself the progress that I’ve made and hopefully, eventually, I’ll fix the mental image.

Am I finished? Nope. I’ve got another 30 lbs to go. But am I still the fatgirl? Kinda. In my head. But I think it’s time I overcome that, don’t you?

12 Jan 2010
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Okay I’ll admit it, I’ve been something of a mopey-pants since Saturday morning. Not because there is anything wrong with a 5K. Alright I’ll stop BSing, there is something seriously wrong with the 5K. There were no medals. Come on people a medal costs like a dollar to make right? And it would look so pretty on the medal tree I’m planning for myself!

Fortunately the other 5 (yes 5 of them) 5K races I tentatively have planned for 2010 all feature race bling. Who are you calling a blingdigger? Me? Oh, okay just checking. :) 

From the health standpoint my knee is still iffy. Initially it was both knees felt a little…off. Several days into this whole rest + Advil thing I’ve decided left knee is okay, right knee (my dominant leg) is the troublemaker. I wish flogging would straighten out what is clearly my leg’s bad attitude but Tanya Harding proved that doesn’t work.

I know, I should be ashamed of myself for even mentioning her but I’ve been watching old Saturday Night Live reruns.

Anyway, my general disgust over lack of bling, failed race distances and a funky leg have just made me feel…blah.

And then I heard from a lovely woman named April. She posted a comment on my woe-is-me blog from Saturday and basically made my week. She signed up for a half marathon! Just like me! And she clearly must occasionally laugh at my jokes because she lurks here! Just like me!

Okay, I don’t actually lurk here but I might occasionally shake my head at my own craziness, is that weird?

Anyway. THANKS April! You made my day and best of luck on your half marathon! We’d be delighted to post about your training and race adventures if you’d like. (No pressure).

I’d also like to share a facebook picture my friend Carol posted of her weekend’s winnings.

The Donald Medal is for running the Walt Disney World half marathon on Saturday, the Mickey medal is for running the Walt Disney World full marathon on Sunday, and that Goofy medal? You only get that if you do both the same weekend. 39.3 miles in two days gets you a little extra bling. This year’s medal was distinct because it’s the five year anniversary of the WDW Goofy Challenge but how cool are those!

And this year with snow, ice, sleet and generally the worst race conditions I’ve ever seen 55,500 people participated in race weekend events. Just imagine the crowds! A hearty congrats to all the people who ran, walked, jogged, stumbled or just stood on the sidelines and chEARed. You all rock!

Maybe if I survive 2010 I will be willing to try that for 2011. If you’ll excuse me I’m off to take my vitamins.

9 Jan 2010
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Today was the Kaiser Permanente Southern California Half Marathon. I know this.

How do I know this?

I picked up my race packet, pinned on my bib (how come I can never get them straight?) and showed up at the starting line.

And while I was suffering through clear skies, perfect temperatures and a gorgeous day to race…

My wimpy friends in Florida were partying their way through rain, sleet, and snow (literally) to rock their Walt Disney World Half Marathons and score Donald Bling.

My start was pretty good actually. I was excited enough to take a picture of a guy wearing pink shoes.

(I mean I wear men’s running shoes so it’s only fair really)

And then snapped a picture of the military guys singing cadences as they smoked the 5K

Then the gun went off, we moved forward and about 3/4 of a mile into my race I knew it was over. My knee was throbbing and I couldn’t imagine walking back to my car much less jogging a half marathon.


So ended my half marathon aspirations. The question then became:

Should I continue the half marathon risking further knee bruising and just quit the course when I couldn’t take it anymore?

Or should I just go left instead of straight and continue the 5K course basically bailing out on the half marathon.

I walked back and forth for about 10 minutes trying to decide.

But my crazy ambitious 2010 race schedule loomed in my mind and I decided I wasn’t going to risk an LA Marathon by acting like a fool for a half marathon medal.

I posted a shirt here a couple weeks ago:

This is my motto.

I would rather show up and try then not show up at all. And if I have to choose between finishing a shorter race or futher endangering my health in a longer one that’s a no brainer. I mean, I’m a little bitter because there are no 5K medals for this race, but it’s still a no brainer.

 So I finished the 5K.

And I’ll have a chance to avenge my half marathon DNF in 2 weeks when I do the Carlsbad 1/2 marathon.

A week of knee braces and cross training. I can deal with that.

A HUGE HUGE HUGE congrats to everyone who is cheering or racing during Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. You are all exceptional compeitors for fighting the craziest Florida weather conditions ever!

3 Jan 2010
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I ran 10 miles yesterday on pavement and neglected my post run accessories. So I made sure to wear them today:

Yup, those are bags of cheap frozen peas saranwrapped around my knees. They make FABULOUS ice packs because they’re little and don’t have sharp edges like the ice from my icemaker. The good news is they’re cheap and easy to find. They’re also reusable you just want to try to keep them separate from the bags you actually eat because the peas tend to get mushy after many sessions of freezing, wrapping, thawing and re-freezing.  Don’t ask me how I know that.

It could be worse right? I could be in traction!

2 Jan 2010
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I should tell you up front I don’t have any pictures for this blog. That’s kind of silly because I did my ten miler at the local park where I’ve done all my running/walking/foot-dragging for the past month. But I’ve never taken any pictures of it, how weird is that?

Anyway, according to my desperately-seeking-LA-Marathon-glory schedule I was supposed to do a 10 miler. Tomorrow. And that would be okay except I’m scheduled for a half marathon exactly a week from today and I didn’t want to do a 10 miler on Sunday followed by a 13.1 marathon on saturday. So today was the big day.

I should probably also add that this is the longest training run I’ve ever done in my life. Other attempts to train for races usually crap out at about 6 miles. I think I did 8 once. But mostly I get bored or hungry and stop. (My 4th grade teacher was right I really do have a short attention span).

I’m trying to be a better person.

Mostly though, I’ve been seduced by bling. Remember how my first two half marathons I was so slow they ran out of medals and they had to send one to me? At the end of my december race they handed me a medal right then and there and it was AWESOME. Now I need to speed it up so I don’t have to stalk the USPS or race directors.

And how committed am I?

I ran a sub 13 minute mile (which is the time I need to maintain in order to run the LA marathon at my preferred pace). I also averaged 14:45 minute miles which is super speedy compared to my previous times.

I’m thrilled with my time and my progress and I think I might actually set a personal record at my next race.

*crossing fingers*

I also had a number of “firsts” today.

First time running a sub 13 minute mile in my first mile of the day (usually my calves kill me for the first three miles)

First time getting stopped by a woman in a van so I could give her directions to Costco. 

First time witnessing a car accident. A REALLY dumb lady got into a head on collision with a car who had right of way because she was too distracted to see the other car. Both cars were Lexuses and you know that’s going to be expensive. Sucks for her insurance!

Kind of makes your day look better doesn’t it?

1 Jan 2010
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I had a quote on my bedroom wall in high school. I knew it was a speech by Teddy Roosevelt but this was before the days of google where you could type in a snippet of a quote and find out who said it, where and when.

I would heart Google for that alone.

It got to the point where the quote had been on my wall for such a long time I didn’t even notice it anymore so when the time came to pack for college I crumpled it up along with other stuff and tossed it out.

I found it again not too long ago. Not for myself but to print and share with a friend who allows the doubts of others to infect her spirit and enthusiasm. Finding it again reminded me of the doubters in my life as well.

Some people mean well and others really don’t. 

Regardless of who or what is at issue, however, there is one inalienable truth (ohhh SAT word!). You have the power to achieve for yourself what others are unlikely to ever imagine for you.

The Man in the Arena is the title of a speech given by Teddy Roosevelt at the Sorbonne in Paris, France on April 23, 1910.

The speech is notable for the extended passage:

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.

Dare Greatly and have a FANTASTIC year!