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30 Apr 2009
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I’m coming back! I swear!

This has been awfully busy month for me. But I’m returning with a vengeance next week.

Is there anyone still around? Is there anyone home?

20 Apr 2009
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Okay, there is “busy” and then there is *BUSY* and my life right now is totally insane. I spent all of last week at real estate seminars. I’ve rapidly been trying to learn everything from Foreclosures to Short Sales to whatever else. Today I interrogated interviewed a residential real estate appriaser. That was fun.

So let me do a quick recap of the last 8 days for me:

DAILY schedule

Drive 50 miles one way for class (waaaay too broke to stay in a hotel) and eat whatever breakfast they have at the hotel conference room. Usually a bagel.

Sit on butt all day frantically taking notes.

Have lunch at Denny’s. Yes, Denny’s. A burger and fries almost every day. And it’s not even like I like that much red meat. Every day I kept thinking I *really* need to eat something else. But I didn’t.

Sit on butt the rest of day frantically taking notes.

Have dinner with real estate buddies/network. This included: pizza, pasta, dumplings, and variations on the theme. Mostly bad-for-me crap.

Drive home around midnight (50 miles one way)

Drive back the next day at 7am.

Have you noticed my workout schedule? No? becuase I didn’t have one. I haven’t even looked at my office chair in a week and all my internet has been over the phone only (and OMG talk about SLOW!).

I missed my laptop. And my internet. But I wish I could give back the five pounds that seem to have reattached itself to my body. Pray it’s water weight because I’m going to cry.

I haven’t been to the gym since a couple days after my last post. I’m going tonight and it is gonna be UGLY. *sigh*

Please note the ticker for how long I have to get ready for the Disneyland half marathon. The TIMED Disneyland half marathon.


I am so screwed.

8 Apr 2009
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Okay so HZ did her 5k in Little Rock

What ever happened to our 4/1 Martian Marathoner?

And our Oklahoma City person for 4/26

I’m not naming names but how are you all doing?

(and there is no shame in delaying your goals for a bit if life is kicking your butt).

**side note- I am literally in the process of blowing up ab ball 2. The only good thing about the destruction of ab ball #1 is it was so bad I couldn’t just take it into Target at tell them it was a design flaw. I was NOT (as a  fat chick) about to tell the Target clerk I completely destroyed their stupid ab ball in less then 24 hour. No way, Jose.

7 Apr 2009
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R.I.P. Ab ball.

Yes, in less then 24 hours I managed to tear a gigantic hole in my ab ball thanks to my freaking pants. Note to self. When using ab ball at the gym you wear running pants. When using ab ball as a chair you must be conscious of which articles of clothing rub against LARGE PLASTIC INFLATIBLE.

I was on the phone with my friend Julie while doing the bouncy ab ball thing. There was a loud farting sound as I got a bit too enthusiastic with my stomach crunches (yes I was doing crunches while on the phone) and slid off the ball. While wearing cordorouy pants. And the pants have metal buttons on the back pockets causing a loud farting sound as  I slid.

Bless Julie she didn’t say anything and I had to actually mute the phone until I stopped laughing. Large tear = RIP ab ball #1. I went to Target and bought #2 but I haven’t inflated it yet. At this rate it’s going to be more expensive then my running shoe habit.

6 Apr 2009
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Well, today I am the closest to being Tigger I’m ever likely to be. How? 

I spent $11.99 yesterday at Target buying an Ab Ball. I switched out my actual office chair and am now bouncing on my ab ball and typing blog posts, emails, etc. This is partially because I’m WAY too lazy to do actual situps and my abs are beyond the point of super pathetic. So I’m hoping the chair thing works.

Because I REALLY hate situps.

Has anyone else done this? Did it work?

4 Apr 2009
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I’ve been working out all week long. I’ve been at the gym nightly from anywhere from 20 minutes on my slacker day to almost 90 minutes some nights. 

And every night has its oddities. 

Monday night I only lasted 20 minutes because I’d gone to the little gym and they close that at 11pm. That was actually okay because after spending 3 days on my butt in seminars and on a daily 2 hour commute to and from the conference venue while eating fast food crap that was really all I could handle.

Tuesday night- I talked on the phone for the entire hour I was on machines. 30 mins on the treadmill and 30 mins on a bike. I wasn’t running but my heart rate was up and it was a good distraction. I definitely felt better then I did over the weekend.

Wednesday night: I spent an hour on various machines and glared at the ab machines becuase I KNOW I need to go use them. Badly, instead I’ve been hiding behind cardio.

Thursday night: I ended up on a bike next to a guy who was a DEAD RINGER for Chuck Norris’s brother. I’m not usually one of those people who asks strangers intrusive questions but I had to actually force myself NOT to ask him. The fact that I got a leg cramp probably saved him.

Tonight: I discovered that gyms really rely on people to have social lives on Friday because half the machines in my gigantic gym were being repaired by men with plummer’s buttcrack. I’m blogging at nearly midnight my time so that pretty much summarizes how my social life was this weekend.

Oh and to add insult to injury I had major sportsbra fail (my first in a LOONG time). I was fine on the recumbent bike for an hour (I got distracted watching the Laker game), then decided to get on the elliptical and literally had to cross my arms becuase there was that much action going on. That lasted about 10 minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore. Back on the bike for another 20 and then I was out.

I know HZ is fighting hard to get back into the swing of working out.

So how are all of you doing?

1 Apr 2009
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For I have sinned.

It’s been 3 weeks since my last workout.

I’m beginning to feel it, too. Like I’m getting cranky and moody and lazy. I don’t wanna go there again.

But I have these revisions to finish and I only have limited time during the day.

Not sure what I’m going to do about all this…but I know I have to get back to it soon or I’m going to piss away all that hard work.