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4 Dec 2008
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So I have the world’s best and worst gadget. The blackberry. I have this blog set up to send emails every time someone posts. Why? So I can go respond of course. It’s brilliant right? And since I have the handy dandy crackberry all should be right with the world. NOT.

I cannot post comments on the crackberry. So when I am busy and have a few moments I can read all your comments (and I do) but I can’t respond. I’m so sorry!

The other stinky thing is that for the┬ánext four days I am going to be at all day seminars in LA. Leave my house at 7am and return around midnight. That’s going to be all kinds of fun *whimper*

Maybe I’ll try posting blogs from blackberry. That one I haven’t tried yet.

Does anyone have a cellphone that WILL allow posts on this blog? I’m just curious.

P.S. I walked for 30 minutes today which was an ass kicker since I had to do it in jeans in the dark before a meeting. That’s me being hardcore (or as hardcore as I get at the moment).

How did you all do?