26 Dec 2008
Categorized As: Hogzilla

Was HARD. I didn’t eat much yesterday. Did drink a bunch little bit. I woke up this morning feeling great but I had to talk myself into going to they gym.

I went. I didn’t love it. It was hard. 3 miles in 35.24. The last mile was hard. Very hard. I did 2 miles in 23.15 which is about 11 and a half minutes per mile. So the last mile was 12.09. Which I’m proud of because when I hit the 2 mile mark I almost quit today. I didn’t want to keep going. It was just not fun. I was tired. Grumpy. Sweaty. (Holy shit I was sweaty! Even my palms were sweating! I didn’t know palms sweated!!!) I skipped abs today. I couldn’t face the damn torture devices. I’ll do crunches tonight before bed or something. I did do the weight circuit despite the fact that I really didn’t want to be there.

I wore shorts today because it was already in the 60s. I hated looking at my thighs. Even though they are thick with muscle, the key word there is THICK. I hope they trim down soon because I seriously look like I have drumsticks for legs.

Now my calves? They are rockin’, TYVM.

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