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23 Feb 2009
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Dear 24 Hour Fitness,

I would like to thank you, honestly, sincerely thank you, for the club I found about 11 miles from my house. It is lovely. Truly lovely. There are TVs. Like 10 of them and each set to a different channel!

And MACHINES. Oh so many functioning machines. And there is a whole area for weights and circuit training and it’s just…beautiful.

I got on one of the treadmills and started walking and light jogging (mostly walking). After about 45 minutes I got bored watching the 4 TVs in my direct line of sight. But Hark! What’s that I saw way of there?

ED HARRIS! In uniform looking HOT!

So of course I had to stay until The Rock ended.

Two hours. TWO HOURS of cardio.

Oy vey my aching quads.