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15 Feb 2009
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I know, he does not look amused. LOL.

My dog died a little less then two years ago. He was 17 years old and it was definitely his time but it was tough. It’s still kind of tough. To this day whenever I see a trash can on the floor in the house I think “oh better put that away so the dog doesn’t get it.” Yes, for Deuce, the world was his snackbar. He’s been gone since July 07 and this is one of the ten thousand things I still think about. 

I remember driving home from my parent’s house after he passed. At the time I was drinking my third Diet Coke Big Gulp of the day. It was a standard day of Big Gulp drinking and I remember thinking “this shit is horrible for me and I’m obsessed with it. It stops today.” Why that day I don’t know but I said it and it worked. The day my dog died was the last time I’ve consumed Diet Coke. Since then I have had a cabinet full of it (my parents drink it when they’re over) and I haven’t had a drop.

I know that probably sounds dumb but that’s actually a pretty BIG deal for me. You know how some smokers forever crave cigarettes. In the good old days I could mainline an entire factory full of Diet Coke and not even think about it. That’s how bad it was.

I’ve tried to do this with other things since then. I tried to do “I’m not going to eat fast food after election day.” Whatever. Or more generally, “I’m going to eat healthier in the new year.” Uh huh. It’s not that I eat crap, I just eat too much and often without thinking. Writing stuff down helps but I don’t always do it. (I’m getting better about writing down though)

I sort of feel like when diet and exercise are involved every day’s plan begins “tomorrow.” I’ll eat better tomorrow. I’ll work out twice as much tomorrow. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I feel like Little Orphan Annie without the curly hair.

So instead of setting a starting point, I’m setting an end goal. Not my friend’s wedding in October. Not the half marathon date in Sept. No, I’m setting it for New Year’s Eve.  When the ball drops for 2010 I’m going to too busy to notice because I’ll be locking lips with someone HOT. I don’t know yet if he’s going to be geek hot like Bill Gates, just plain hot like Patrick Dempsey, or dirty hot like Johnny Depp. But I’m going to be kissing a frickin’ HOT guy.

And to feel comfortable doing that at this point, I need to lose weight.

Fortunately I have this Disneyland timed half marathon insanity to motivate me. So today is day one. Plan of action is to get off my ass and get moving. Consistently. After all it’s just: Ticker

But I still miss my dog.