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20 Mar 2013
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Today was a rather glorious day. It turns out some brilliant genius has combined two of my favorite things: Social Media and Dieting.

HZ, why didn’t we think of this???

From what I understand it has been around for awhile but apparently I was living under a rock and missed it?

I’m talking about

Here is how it works: you “buy in” to a diet. The group I joined today is MyFitspiration’s DietBet ( this particuarly challenge is hosted by “Biggest Loser 11 Winners Hannah & Olivia” I don’t really watch The Biggest Loser but popularity makes a difference. 2296 people had joined the bet for a total pool of $57,400. If you can’t reach your 4% goal you lose your buy-in (in this case $25 although prices vary). If you reach your goal and lose 4% of your body weight in the 4 week window then you split the pot with everyone else who lost at least 4%. At a minimum you get your $25 back and you could get more if other people fail. I

Do I expect to make a fortune? Not really. But each group has a page that looks like facebook where you can make comments, respond to other people’s comments and post photos if you like. I LOVE that part.

So I’m in as of today even though I’m 3 days late joining the group. I have 25 days to lose 4% instead of the full 28 days I could have had. I’m okay with that because $25 is enough to motivate me but not enough to bankrupt me if I miss my goal.

I’ll be checking in here daily to tell you how it’s going and blogging a bit. Mostly because I actually miss this.

And who knows, we may try a Fat Chicks-hosted Dietbet in the future. I think it would be a fun way to get to know people better.