7 Jun 2010

Want to know where I was Sunday, May 30th?

Lets try this word association-style.

OJ Simpson

White Bronco

Why YES! I was in Brentwood, California whose residents have spent the last 16 years rolling in wealth and trying to live down their notorious former neighbor. (It has been 16 years how scary is that?)

For those too young to remember, or anyone who was too busy playing professional beer pong during that time period click HERE and read the lengthy “legal history” to mend that gap in your cultural literacy.

Anyway, OJ was chased by the cops whereas I got to run past them.

So the good news was I got to run the city streets for 3.1 miles. The bad news is that it was my first race where I actually RAN since the beginning of March. And that kind of break is never pretty.

Let me just stop complaining and give it to you in pictures right?

Okay I have to share this one because it freaks me out. This is the ground at the VA where I parked. What the heck are those holes? Are they snake holes? Are they gofer holes? Am I about to score a free game of whac-a-mole? Yes, these are the things I think about 20 minutes before a race. I’m not really much for profound thoughts at 6:30 on a Sunday morning.

Anyway, I finally tore myself away from these freaky mysterious holes and took off for the starting line.

And this is the first thing I saw when I got to the race:

Now any true runner will tell you this is a fabulous and welcome sight. Note there is NO LINE. That means you if you have a nervous bladder you don’t have to worry about getting in lines three times.

Anyway, I like to call this area the Olympic Village. I like telling running buddies “hey I’m heading to the Olympic village, I’ll catch you at the start.” It sounds so much classier then “I gotta pee. Again.” The truth is I only suffer from nervous bladder when I see exponentially long lines at the pre-race porta potties. Seeing no line made me realize I was guaranteed not to have to pee and that makes me feel like a winner right there.

So instead of lingering I went straight to the check in and picked up my treats.

With the exception of the shirt and the $10 off Dick’s Sporting Goods (Best swag ever!), all the other items were from the race expo. It was an excellent expo for a 5K.

I ran my treats back to the car and headed for the starting line.

It was quite a nice patriotic touch for Memorial Day weekend.


Then came the race

See all those runners? They’re trying not to make eye contact with the guy in the cop car on the right.


Anyway, these are all the people that smoked past me. Including the short kids in the middle. But that’s okay because I have:

And therefore I’m happy.

Not all 5Ks give out medals. Actually most 5Ks don’t give out medals which is a stinking shame because a little bling at the end of a sweaty distance never hurt anyone.

All in all it was actually a lovely race experience and I plan to do it again next year (provided they have a medal of course).

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  1. Diana says,

    Just found your blog. I agree with you that all races should have finisher medals. I just found a bunch out here so of course I am running them. Nice to visit your blog. Most likely will become a stalker :)

    dated December 18, 2010 at 12:55 pm

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