17 Apr 2013
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I’d originally titled this post Best.Monologue.Ever. and wanted to feature this Colbert Report Intro someone sent me this morning. It made my day.

But then I thought about things I’ve read and seen online so I’m including them too.

Running is a tight-knit community. And you don’t have to really be a “runner” as I am mostly a walker but they claim me anyway. As I said in yesterday’s blog, this incident felt like a personal attack. All my running friends felt the same so we started thinking about how we could show support. Other then the obvious eff you to the bomber(s?). We all plan to run races in the future and guard our loved ones on the sidelines to the best of our abilities so that goes without saying.

There had to be something else though.

One person suggested wearing a race shirt, any races shirt on Tuesday.

Another person suggested running 4.09 miles for the exact time the first bomb went off. Or run 2.62 miles for the marathon so many people couldn’t finish.

I did the 4.09 quietly and wore a race shirt from Surf City (my most recent)

Then a runner named Sam posted this on Facebook and the San Francisco Marathon page caught it.

It’s a screenshot from a smartphone app. Please note Sam is fast compared to me 6.78 miles in an hour and one minute is light speed for me but what a neat idea!

People continue to come up with ways to show support like donating blood

Ed “The Jester” Ettinghausen

Or money:

It’s amazing how people come together.
But if you live near Sam Shah give him/her a high five from me.

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