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14 Dec 2009
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See these?

I got them free.

And we all know how I feel about free right?

Too bad they taste like Pine Sol smells.

Incidentally this is a very important lesson. I picked two of these up for free at the race expo and thought I’d use them during my LA County Half Marathon. I decided to try them at 9pm the night before the race and thank goodness I did because I had to race for peanut butter to get rid of the after taste.

Race time is never a good time to try new things.


And yes, the race recaps are coming but they take forever to write!

13 Dec 2009

Running a race is a lot like a final exam. You can’t just show up and expect to pass unless you’ve put in some kind of effort.

Some people prepare for months and sleep deeply at night secure in their efforts.

Others realize 24 hours beforehand that 80% of their overall grade is riding on this sucker and panic commences. This can include all night cram sessions. Cheat sheets. Sleep for these people is rare if not impossible the night before their big event.

While I fit in neither of these categories, I do take some time the night before every race to set out my gear, pack some snacks and generally prepare myself.

It’s a little hard to do that when all you can hear is

Particularly when your drive home from your race expo involved a lot of

It’s discouraging.

As much as I’d like to pretend I could stick out an entire half marathon in those kinds of weather conditions there is just no way. Maybe if I was a full scale runner. Maybe if I wasn’t a total wimp. Maybe if hell froze over.

So why didn’t I just throw in the towel last night?

Because my friend Joan posted her 2009 medals not too long ago and I was a little jealous.

And then yesterday my friends Stephanie and Greg posted a picture of their Christmas tree.

How awesome is that tree!

And now you see why I was unwilling to give up on today’s race.

Darkness wasn’t going to stop me.

Rain wasn’t going to stop me.

Not even Frodo himself was going to stop me from my quest for shiny objects.

So driving past Angel’s stadium in the dark didn’t faze me.

And arriving to wet pavement didn’t faze me.

Neither did stormy skies.

But then there was a miracle! By the time I reached the starting line the skies has cleared up and I was greeted with:


12 Dec 2009
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This is not my Bib but I want it.

And yes, part of my goal tomorrow is going to be finding the woman who is wearing this thing because I really want to know what she looks like.

12 Dec 2009
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**************Drumroll please*************

Welcome one and all to the Fairplex of Pomona, the 2009 home of the Inaugural Los Angeles County Half Marathon!

Looking a little moist is it?

Why yes, I think you might be right.

What’s that you say? My race is tomorrow in this exact location?

Perhaps the best way to get used to the precipitation issue is to dive right in, so to speak. How about a slick sloping cement path into a creepy dark tunnel?

Found one!

Not impressed?
Perhaps I should share a math problem then.

What’s the difference between $9 parking and $12 parking?

Give up?

A 3/4 mile hike from your car to the expo.

Saving the $3 made absolute sense to me this morning (I ALWAYS hate to pay for parking no matter what the situation) but we’re supposed to use the same parking pass tomorrow and I’m thinking the extra $3 would have been worth not walking the extra 3/4 mile back to my car on wet pavement in the rain.


And then I got to the expo. Here were the half marathon bibs ALL OF THEM.

On one hand the tiny size freaks me out. On the other hand if I were a faster runner I might actually be able to place in my age group. Too bad about that torrential rain thing.

I will say one thing though. The race loot was actually great.

We got a Christmas stocking full of stuff

And then I picked up even more free stuff at the expo. SWEET!

The sad part is that the race is actually very well organized and the staff was great. It’s a shame that this weather nightmare (did I mention torrential rain?) is supposed to go through the night and right up to race time tomorrow morning.

The roads are flooding, the course is sopping wet and the paths are very, very slippery. For a klutz like me who trips over her own feet without any weather challenges this is going to be a mess. I’m still planning to show up and give it my best shot. Hopefully my high tech $0.99 disposable poncho will help me out.

11 Dec 2009

Dear Friday,

Thanks for kicking my ass. Really, would it have hurt you to allow me to achieve ONE single thing today? Apparently today was a CarbKiller shut out. I’m still not sure why I got out of bed.

Let’s look at my schedule shall we?

My goal for the day was to go pick up my bib/packet for Sunday’s half marathon at the LA County Inaugural Half Marathon race expo. Mom volunteered to come with me for the first time ever and I was so excited!

Notice how it looks dark and ominous around 11am? That’s because it was raining. Oh, and the gates were closed.

Genius CK figured that was becuase the expo opened at noon (people work on Friday mornings right?) so I drove around for 45 minutes trying to find a Starbucks for mom and I. Failed there and ended up at an independent coffee house. The coffee sucked. REALLY badly. Even after I doctored it with milk and splenda. Note to independent unnamed coffee shop in Pomona/San Dimas if your coffee still tastes burnt and nasty after milk and splenda you need to seriously reconsider your roasting technique. Armed with motor oil coffee mom and I returned to the Fairgrounds to find it still locked.

Because the expo didn’t open until tomorrow.
Commute- 2 hours round trip
Coffee search- 1 hour
Price of 2 cups of crappy coffee $3.67


Then on the way to my place from Pomona I stopped off at the grocery store to pick up a couple things for the lunch I promised to make mom. She waited in the warm car since it was pouring rain and I ran into Albertsons. Grabbed everything I needed and headed for the checkout.

I’m standing in the checkout minding my own business when the guy in front of me sees me playing with my crackberry and asks me if I want a job.


Apparently he runs a rescue diving company and never has time to collect accounts payable because he’s so busy. (Someone tell me how it’s possible to run a business without collecting accounts payable). Before I had a chance to respond he told me about how he’d been in a coma for 6 weeks after a dive accident. Um…okay. What am I supposed to say to that? I smiled politely and made sympathetic noises.

Then he walked me out to the parking lot and said “I bet you get this all the time but you are just so cute. What are you doing for dinner tonight?

I swear he wasn’t a day over 60. *vomit* Why do men do this? I mean seriously? You offered a stranger a job. Followed that by inappropriate TMI. THEN followed that with a request for a date. Did you really think I was going to say yes?

Good Grief.

Right about then mom and I realized the day had reached its low so we decided to drive to San Pedro and pick up a picture frame she had ordered at a cute little gallery we found last weekend.

We drove all the way out past the docks, etc., in the rain, barely avoided getting side-swiped by rain-panicked drivers and the gallery was closed.

Wasted gas
Destroyed stomach lining
Creepy date offer
Closed Gallery

Final score Friday 4, CarbKiller 0

I want a redo.

1 Dec 2009
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Yes, I did!

Now I don’t have to dread it all day! WOOT!

1 Dec 2009
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I know, I know you’re all excited now. Would you be more excited or less excited if I told you “Lube Saved my Ass” was my backup title?

And no, for the guy googling “Easy Fat Chicks in Ohio” I don’t mean lube for:

I mean lube for:

I know, you’d never guess from my day-glo white legs that I live in SoCal would you?

Still, call it what you will, my blister problem appears solved (or at least greatly diminished) by lube.

First you cover your feet with Petroleum Jelly (if you don’t mind a mess) or Body Glide (if you don’t like messes).

Then you find some damn sexy socks. The sexiest damn socks ever. Something like

They also come in can’t-be-bleached-because-you’ll-ruin-them-white, and just plain ugly army green. 

If you get bored while building your collection you could try sock art

 Then you need shoes. Amazing shoes.

Perhaps you started with Saucony Hurricaine XIs

They’re pretty. But they’re not exactly loose and you’ve forgotten you come from the Ronald McDonald house of clown feet.

So you might switch to:

They’re pretty and blue right? but wait what’s that dayglo green?

Fabulous arch support for the high arched runner. There are dozens of insole brands on the market so do some research if you’re interested.

But at the end of the day the result (for me) is jogging blister free. I haven’t raced in these babies yet so I’m hoping the LA County race will keep me blister free and happy but we’ll see.

Here is what I’ve learned about fat chicks and blisters:

1) They’re preventable if you do your research. Some people love thick socks, some like thin, some use double socks. Figure out what works for you.

2) No matter what you choose make sure your socks are not cotton. Spandex, nylon is okay but cotton absorbs and holds moisture and that is bad news for hours of racing.

3) All joking aside, lube will save you.

4) Once you have them they’re treatable and they don’t have to derail your workouts entirely. That, however, is a post for another day.

In the meantime tomorrow is December 1st. Don’t ask me how that happened.