3 Apr 2013
Categorized As: CarbKiller

Okay I should call today “Off the Wagon” because I’m pretty sure I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down. Or at least it seemed like it considering how well I’ve been doing. I’ll report back later today to see what the damage was but I’ll deal with whatever happens. I really need to learn how to handle change better. When I am in a routine it’s easy to stick with safe snacks and healthy meals, the challenge comes with unexpected changes you aren’t prepared for. Basically I need to prepare for the unexpected so that’ll be my challenge for Wednesday. Figuring out portable snacks and maybe creating a car kit with handy grab-and-go options. I’ve been doing so well I can’t complain but I am a little disappointed at myself. There is nothing with cheating¬† a little. This wasn’t a little. :)

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