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8 Apr 2013
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-3.4 lbs

I walked at least 30 minutes every day.  Twice I did the elliptical, and twice I walked longer than an hour.

I feel great.

I am hoping to add yoga at home…I’d love to take a class, but it’s been so long since I’ve done yoga, I’m afraid I’ll fall, knock someone over, or fart in someone’s face. Or all three. The Yoga Trifecta. No thanks.

This week, I’ll add in more ab work. I managed 3 days of good ab work last week. I need to do more. When my core is stronger, it makes all of my exercising easier. (also, my pants fit better! LOL)

Because I have such a lofty weight-loss goal for the 12 week challenge, I dropped my calories to 1200.  Ideally, I’d like to average losing  3 lbs per week. I know this is over the recommended loss, but…I’m doing it the right way, so I’m not worried. And if I don’t meet that goal, that’s okay, too. The main purpose of this 12 weeks is to exercise for at least 30 mins 6 days a week and document my food intake.

Speaking of food….I made the best Salmon ever last week. I found the recipe on Pinterest. I am a fantastic cook, but I have never really mastered salmon. I’m always terrified of under cooked fish, so I end up over cooking it. Not this time.


Yesterday, I used the leftovers in our breakfast. Which…btw…was fucking awesome. Wheat toast with olive oil, Laughing Cow Light Queso & Chipotle spread, 1 fried egg over medium, 2 oz of salmon, 1/4 avocado. I ate it as an open-faced sandwich and mmmmmmmmm. All for 420 calories and 27 grams of protein!

Hope you guys had a great week!

3 Apr 2013
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Okay I should call today “Off the Wagon” because I’m pretty sure I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down. Or at least it seemed like it considering how well I’ve been doing. I’ll report back later today to see what the damage was but I’ll deal with whatever happens. I really need to learn how to handle change better. When I am in a routine it’s easy to stick with safe snacks and healthy meals, the challenge comes with unexpected changes you aren’t prepared for. Basically I need to prepare for the unexpected so that’ll be my challenge for Wednesday. Figuring out portable snacks and maybe creating a car kit with handy grab-and-go options. I’ve been doing so well I can’t complain but I am a little disappointed at myself. There is nothing with cheating  a little. This wasn’t a little. :)

3 Apr 2013
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Running and fitness sure seems to involve a lot of stuff.

As a kid my two favorite things were pockets in my clothes and cubby holes for stuff. THIS is my fantasy apartment so as you can imagine I have been trying to figure out how best to organize my fitness gear for a long time. I finally came up with a two-step organizational system. I’ve actually been using if for awhile so it definitely works well for me but the topic keeps coming up so I figured I’d blog about it. It’s a two-part organizational system for running/workout necessities. I find when all my stuff is together I don’t make excuses and stick to my workout plan.

This sits on top of my dresser. It’s a Plano tackle box I bought at Walmart for around $9.


The top tray is gels: little pouches of sugar and carbs I take every 45 minutes or so during a race or training if I’m going for longer then an hour. These gels are all from Gu Energy but there are many other manufacturers out there.

The bottom of the container includes:

    • Icy Hot stick
    • A&D rash cream- for chafing
    • Hand Sanitizer- just because
    • Tylenol bottle
    • Immodium bottle
    • Ezy Dose Disposable Pill Pouches (because if you carry Tylenol and Immodium you’ll never need them. But if you don’t…LOL)
    • Roll of Medipore Tape (or Micropore Tape) it’s really easy to remove
    • Duct Tape- this is a huge roll, I usually grab a half-used roll and pull out the middle cardboard section
    • Sunblock
    • Gum
    • Chapstick with SPF
    • Body Glide- prevents chafing
    • Deodorant
    • Black Sharpie
    • Moleskine
    • Neosporin
    • Headlamp- for night running
    • Extra batteries for the headlamp

The convenient thing about having everything in a portable container is that I can pull it out and throw it in my car trunk when I go for long runs. Since I tend to run alone if I have to go any farther then about 3 miles I park my car somewhere central and do three mile loops around it. If anything comes up like blisters, spots that seem “hot” and prone to chafing (particularly around my sportsbra) I can always pull over and adjust. My goal for races is to finish, my goal for individual runs is to work hard but still set myself up well so I can run another day. Blisters and chafe spots can really affect that.

You’re probably thinking this can’t possibly be everything. It’s not. For one thing I hoard sunblock like I’m preparing for the end of the world so this is just stuff I replenish from a Rubbermaid bin I keep inside my closet on the floor.

As for clothes, I have a pretty big drawer full of workout clothes. When the drawer starts overflowing I take that as a sign and start donating to charity.

1 Apr 2013
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CarbKiller has reinspired me. (is that even a real word? Reinspire? Oh well, it is now.)

Actually, reinspire isn’t quite correct. I’m inspired everyday. But my motivation is severely lacking.

But today, I’m starting anew, and I’m using this as my mantra:



12 weeks.

That’s what it says. So from April 1 – June 29 (which is actually 13 weeks) I’m going to really dedicate myself to completing the lifestyle change I”ve been working on. I’m going to eat better, exercise better, exercise more and continue my positive attitude.

I’ve been hit and miss with the eating and exercise portion of this program, however, my positive attitude has held strong. I’ve been reading a book called OVERCOMING PASSIVE AGGRESSION to help me deal with some very passive aggressive people in my life and to recognize that behavior in myself, as well, I will be honest, it isn’t easy changing the way you deal with people and respond to them, but it is worth it.

Today, I walk with Robyn. Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday I’m going to hit the gym because it will be cold and rainy. I don’t care if I only manage 20 minutes on the elliptical, I’m gonna go. And I’m gonna do my best to get some form of exercise daily. Even if it’s just a walk. Because I need to move. And frankly, I’m tired of starting over.

I’m so much better than that.

So I’m back. For at least 12 weeks. I started out today on a not-so-great note…12 donut holes for breakfast. However, I did write them down in myfitnesspal journal. So at least I’m holding myself accountable.

Here we go again, Fat Bitches. Let’s get this party started!