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6 Feb 2014
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It’s that time again! LOL

Last year was a great year all around for me, except in the fitness arena. It seems I have yet to figure out how to make exercise a daily part of my life. I know it’s important. I know I enjoy it once I get past the first month ¬†of forcing myself to do it, but actually getting into routine? Not easy for me.

I will work on this next in therapy, I believe.

I started 2014 right by purchasing a Nutri-Bullet and making myself (and my kid) smoothies every morning. Then, a very big stressful event occurred and I haven’t smoothied, saladed, prepped in advance…since. I have donuted, cheese-dipped, mexican fooded, and wined myself as a form of stress relief. So not the right way to go about it, I know. And I hate that I am giving that stressful situation power over me, but I am. And I have to figure out how to stop.

More to talk about in therapy, it seems.

To help myself along, I have made an appointment with a personal trainer. I’m hoping to do 2 x/week for at least 2 months, if I can afford it. I have also signed up for the Women Can Run clinic to help me get back into “wogging.”

What’s been going on around these parts? Hey Carbkiller!? You still coming to the Rock for the Marathon in March?