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10 Feb 2014
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Well, my training appointment on Friday was rescheduled to tonight because of inclement weather. (We got 3 inches of snow and the world shut down).

I spent the weekend on my last binge of food and booze and awesomeness…and got up this morning and made my breakfast smoothie:

1897715_10152628608622907_728136538_nNot pictured: Vanilla protein powder.

Mmmmmm. It was so good. and it’s so quick and easy to make, that I even made myself make it even though I was totally running late.

I do feel better when I start my day off with one of these bad boys.

It’s like my friends on TEAM MELF reminded me, I deserve to take care of myself, even during times of stress. And even though eating pizza and cheese dip when I’m feeling emotional seems like a warm hug from the inside out, I’m actually punishing my body. So stop doing that.

Yeah, it is easier said than done, and I’m only human so I’m sure I’ll falter again, but…for now, I’m gonna STOP IT!.