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12 Feb 2014
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Before we get into Love Week, let me first give you a couple of updates:

  1. Eating more calories the right way is hard. I’m gonna have to stockpile food at the office.
  2. I did yoga yesterday to help stretch out my legs from Monday. Um, we did a lot of leg work in yoga and today my ass is on fire. (not in the too much taco bell kinda way, but in the ow the stairs are torturing me kinda way…)
  3. I received my big booby sports bra from Panache yesterday, and I have high hopes for this baby. It lifts! It separates! It harnesses! And I don’t have uni-boob!

Got big plans for Valentine’s Day?

This year me and the Grumpy Bear are going out! Haven’t done that in forever. We have a room downtown, we’re gonna hang around the Rivermarket like Urbanites, and maybe go dancing! Well, we’ll probably go see a band and I’ll dance. I don’t think Grumpy Bear gets his groove on much anymore.

I hope I can dance on Friday. I have training session #2 tonight. If we do more leg work (and I’m sure we will) my manpanion might be pushing me around in a wheel chair. Or maybe I can rent a HoverRound!

I used to dread Valentine’s Day. Truly hated it. But these past few years have really been amazing. Usually we do quiet nights at home, with maybe an appetizer or happy hour after work, but this year, we’re doing it up. I’m not sure where we’ll have dinner. Or if we’ll have dinner. ;)

You should see the sexy-corset I ordered. Fingers crossed it comes in on time, though it probably won’t. That’s okay, the Month of Mel is coming up…and I can wear it for my birthday.

Even us big girls can get our sexy on…trust me.

Speaking of, Love. Here’s a Love Letter to an Internet Bully that I think everyone should read.

Go forth and love one another. But don’t forget protection!