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23 Oct 2008
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Have you ever wondered what $119.95 looks like? Well look no further. I went shoe shopping and picked up a pair of $119 shoes and they’re not even going to get me laid. Well, okay theoretically once I drop all this weight I’ll… but you get my point.

Anyway, I had a lovely conversation at the store with a nice young lady who basically told me my shoes were all wrong. The 857s I’m so in love with were wrong for my walk and I needed Neutral shoes. Fat people tend to pronate because our legs rub together so we don’t walk with normal weight distribution (not a big surprise) . A good way to check for this is to flip over your favorite pair of walking shoes and check where the shoe soles are worn. Check this page for more info about that. I’ll be honest and say all I heard was yada yada yada these shoes cost $119.95. *sigh*

And as if the hit to my plastic wasn’t painful enough I had a fascinating conversation with the manager of the store. I told her I was training for the LA half marathon. She looked confused. Me, being the smartass I am, repeated myself slowly. I. am. running. the. Los. Angeles. half. marathon. in. February.

At which time she told me that Los Angeles is an elite race and they don’t have half marathons. Well…CRAP!

Thus, I’m changing my race and I suggest all of you check to make sure that the race you’re interested in running actually exists. On the other hand I’m not too upset because she told me it was best to train for 6 months before running a half marathon. I’ll admit that part didn’t concern me too much. I think she was envisioning a very professional race where I jubilantly crossed the finishline. I don’t think she’s taking into consideration the fact that this is all about goals I am happy to walk, crawl, or roll over the finishline. I’m not looking for a made-for-tv movie ending featuring the theme from Chariots of Fire (I know that version is horrible, here is a better one). My point is can you picture a fat chick running to that? But anyway, she was nice so I didn’t say anything.

In the meantime I’m searching for a new race. Anyone know of any half marathons in Southern California in the first half of 2009?

23 Oct 2008
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I think being a Fat Chick is a state of mind not just the state of ass. (though, I can assure you, the state of my ass is pretty damn fat right now.) Training for a half or whole marathon will not be easy no matter what your size is.

With that in mind, let me invite you to join us. Even skinny chicks are welcome. Because this is a goal we’re marching toward and the more the merrier.

Oh and we welcome the male species as well. Could be fun to get the testosterone side of things…but you have to be man enough to participate on a blog called Fat Chicks because we ain’t changing it. Just leave us a comment on the blog if you’re interested in participating on this blog or if you’re planning to follow along and document on your blog. And you know, you could always follow the program without blogging at all. Just comment occasionally. It’s up to you.

Now onto my state of mind:

I can’t believe I’m excited about this venture. Seriously. I can’t wait to get started. But I’m going to wait because 1: I need a new pair of shoes 2: I have a chili party to attend tomorrow and I plan on drinking copious amounts of booze.

Yes, I’m going to miss the booze. I’ll admit it. I’ve been doing some research on a runner’s diet and guess what? Booze is a no-no. Not that I’ll give it up forever (hah! As if!) but I figure if I want to succeed at this half marathon thing, then I’ll need to temporarily give up the liquid gold.

The good news is a runner’s diet is a high carb diet and that excites me. LOL Actually, for a brief moment or two, I had almost convinced myself I could continue drinking beer while training because it’s a carbohydrate. Unfortunately, it’s not a complex carb and sadly, it goes straight to my hips and thighs.

I’m headed to the New Balance store this weekend to get fitted for an appropriate shoe. I have a wide foot and I tend to over-pronate <–that’s a fancy word for walk on the outside of my feet. I’m hoping the NB folks can hook me up because there is nothing that will stop a successful training faster than the wrong shoes. (I can always tell they’re not right because my lower back starts to hurt. Ouch)

Okay gang…T-minus 3 days. Who’s gonna join us?

23 Oct 2008
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I originally thought this was going to be an anonymous venture where nobody knew who we were. Then it occurred to me (probably around the same time it occured to HZ) that our friends already know we’re fat so why would we hide the diet and exercise part? So here we are.

Our official start date is Sunday, Oct 26th. I promised HZ she’d have one last night of beer before we start kicking each others butts, I figure that’s fair. That being said I do have one serious problem. I need shoes.

I have pants and shirts and socks and sportsbras, oh my! But I need shoes.

New Balance discontinued my 857s *sob* so if anyone else has had a religious experience regarding their running shoes please share!

Otherwise I’m going to go to a local running shop or two and report back. Might as well spread the knowledge wealth, as it were.