12 Feb 2009
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They call it “The Happiest Race on Earth” at least that’s what it says on the bottom of the medal you score for managing to finish the course in under 3:30. As far as I’m concerned the jury is out.

All I know is I saw this 


And I like shiny. The question is do I like shiny more then chocolate? carbs? and incessant portion control? because that’s what I’m signing up for.

HZ and I had a conversation the other day. My bottom half is 2 sizes smaller then hers. Her top have is 3 (or more) sizes smaller then mine. I suspect that’s what allows her to run with less frustration then I do. The top heavy thing stinks and the tummy doesn’t help. 

So somewhere in the middle of all this I have to do major major MAJOR core work. If I could lose 20-30 pounds around my waist before September’s race it will make a HUGE difference for me. So that’s my goal. I’m also optimistic enough to think if I lose the 20-30 and running becomes easier the other 20-30 (*cough* 40) will come off faster. That’s my theory and I’m holding on to it for dear life. 

So here is what I know: I am about to sink $120 on a race. On a race that will last less then 4 hours and doesn’t even get me free tickets into Disneyland park. WTF?!

Am I crazy? Probably

But I also know something else. I am cheap. And by cheap, I mean CHEAP. The reason I did the Surf City and didn’t just chicken out? I did it because I’d paid $80 for that and my ass was getting $80 worth of dixie cups of water and vitalyte to make up for it. Oh, and I wanted the damn medal.

Well here I am again. If I were spending the $50 that some of the SoCal races cost I might be able to talk myself out of that. It would cost me nearly $50 in gas to get to the race, after all. But there is no way you can ignore a dent like $120. That and I want medals. BIG SHINY MEDALS. Disney has definitely cornered the market on that one.

So here I go, I’m signing up for two races. The Disneyland half (which I have to run. God help me!) and the Long Beach half (which I can walk with my buddy Sabrina. WOOT!)

Between those two races I’m in for $170 not including the new shoes I’ll need between now and then, and the fortune worth of Clif bars, Gatorade and iTunes (what if that one new song is the difference between me crossing the finish line or not!).

I’m going to need a second job to pay for my new healthy lifestyle. Good grief.

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